Welcome to my site.

My name is Yuriy Antonenko.

My work is my hobby.

My hobby is my love for Subaru GC8. I specialize in this narrow field to always develop in this direction and make my product even better.

My ideology is what would make the best product for create a replica WRC Prodrive.

I had the great honor of meeting with Colin McRae's father, Jimmy MacRae, and shaking hands. Great memories and nice conversations.

It was awesome to get an autograph from Nicky Grist .

I was fortunate enough to catch four autographs on my side carbon mirrors. Jimmy Macray - Colin's father, Alistair Macray - brother, As well as two СО-Driver's , with whom he was near when he raced to the rally stage. Derek Ringer and Nicky Grist.

We live a dream so that they come true.

We ship parts all over the world and offer an individual approach to each customer. This is not just a business relationship.

I wish that every customer would share my love for Subaru and became my friend.

Carbon Spoiler s6/p2000, trunk and hinges, titanium bolts.

Spoiler 22B

My little Rc replica Subaru WRC P2000/S6

Making Carbon Trunk for Subaru Impreza GC8 - Unfortunately I do not have a home cnc machine.

Making a carbon roof for my project.

Building Replica SUBARU Impreza WRC Prodrive - We come up with dreams to make them come true.

You can follow me on YouTube. In order to see how I do it. Building Replica SUBARU Impreza WRC Prodrive.

Making a Roof Scoop