This is a completely new development based on the body panels of the WRC S6/P2000 and a lot of love for the GC8.

Fundamental to the creation of these body parts was attention to detail and authenticity.

Due to the motorsport fate of each of the WRC cars, none of them could have a perfect body even after one racing season.

Over time, most of them were restored. And only from some cars were received body shapes that were not quite ideal or did not have a factory fit.

After 22 years, I re-worked all parts of the rally car’s bodywork. 

Which was necessary for the OEM quality of the installation, while maintaining the authentic design of the classic SUBARU WRC S6.

The front fenders came from a 1999 Subaru Type-R.

And on the basis of these details, the original design of the WRC S6 was recreated.

Just as it was done on the WRC cars of those years.

The side skirts have undergone an almost complete reconstruction. This is a complete replacement of the iron part of the body while maintaining all factory gaps in the lower part next to the door.

The rear quarter is made as one big piece including the entire exterior bodywork as a factory stamp.
Installation will require the removal of the roof and front and rear glass.

Thus adjoining joints and panel gaps are factory and were exposed before I made the mold directly from the body of the car so that all parts would not lose their geometry.

The front and rear bumper design and its mounting brackets have also been restored with dedication and attention to detail for WRC car.

Many people say that you will never see two sides of a car at the same time, but this body kit was finished to absolute symmetry before I took off the mold.

All parts are made of carbon with the authentic grain pattern used on the original SUBARU World Rally Car.

And this grain still popular today on modern Pagani and Koenigsegg supercars.

At the moment, the process of creating body molds is 90 percent complete.

Including all external body elements such as hood, roof, trunk, lip, air ducts and spoiler, etc.

Now I am finishing the accompanying small brackets and internal elements of the body for a comfortable installation.

In parallel, I making the first re-worked body kit for my car.

After finishing the assembly of the body for my Impreza, I will be ready to take orders.

More information about this in the future on this page and on my social networks.

Absolutely all body parts will be available for ordering to make your car jet black.

Planned date 2023.

With best regards.
Yuriy Antonenko. 

Updates will be posted below.