( スバルインプレッサは GC8、ワイドボディキットを WRC)

This body kit is a 100% replica of the original part of the PRODRIVE for SUBARU WORLD RALLY TEAM (SWRT).

It is made of fiberglass.

The kit includes:

Front bumper

Front wings

Side skirts

Rear quarter panel

Rear bumper

I will show by the example of my car how to install this body kit. 

I will show you some beautiful cars of my friends!

From United States!

From Mongolia!

Not 22B

This set is does not match wide body kit 22b.
It is completely different kits.
This is a completely different body parts.
See photos on the Internet.

And you will see the difference.

Large wheel arches.
Wider front and rear fenders for to wheels after swallowing large jumps.
Another design other shapes all body parts.