On October 04, 2020, I turned 30 years and made myself a small gift!
Now there is one more gc8 in my family.
It was found in Russia, unlike the others that we imported from Japan.
The Type-R is well preserved and has been rebuilt into a 22b body kit, and it also features oversized WRC-style wheel arches.

It has a full swap GDB SPEC-C 05: engine, 6-speed gearbox, suspension and a panel inside the interior.
Turbine vf-58.

I’m going to use it in the city as a fast and fun car, so the interior will be preserved.

I will improve its appearance over time and share it here.

When I showed the car to my daughter, she asked me why I drive my mother’s car.

But then she was very surprised when she found out that it was a different car.