When I turned 19 I was able to buy my first car, sports car which was a 1995 Subaru Impreza WRX TYPE-RA. The car was not in the best condition, but it gave me a lot of emotions. Everyday I when I came home I felt like I just want to behind it’s steering wheel again. I was in love with it. After a while I realized I wanted to keep this car along my side for as long as possible, give a second life, and began the restoration process. I diassbiled the car completely, then started installed the roll cage. I wanted this car to be on a high level and I removed all the paint and traces of rust completely. This car taught me alot of skill. Sometime after painting the body I became calm. I knew the body was not in danger so I froze this project. The car was still in my possession. I keep this car in my garage and love it until now! I will finish this when I have more time!